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Beechcraft King Air 350: MEDEVAC Operations

  • 3 Passengers and 2 Patients
  • Pressurized Turboprop
  • 360 MPH
  • Complete Air Ambulance Configuration
  • Cruises at 25,000 – 35,000 Feet

The newest and most modern aircraft in our fleet, the Beechcraft King Air 350 is under contract to the Province of British Columbia for dedicated Air Ambulance operations. This King Air has the speed, state of the art avionics, endurance and high altitude capability to provide first class air ambulance service to the people of BC.

Beechcraft 1900D

  • 18 Passengers
  • Pressurized Turboprop
  • 334 MPH
  • Large Cargo Hold
  • Grass/Gravel Airstrip Capability
  • Cruises at 18,000-25,000 Feet

The Beechcraft 1900D is a comfortable and spacious aircraft with leather seating capacity for 18 passengers. It features a stand up cabin and a large washroom for more passenger convenience and its speed will help you arrive at your destination quickly. All aircraft are eequipped with WAAS GPS navigation and approach capability, Traffic Collision & Avoidance System, Stormscope & Weather Radar, as well as real time satellite tracking to NT Air ops.The Beechcraft 1900D is a comfortable and efficient means of moving medium sized groups of people and goods.

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