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The management team at Northern Thunderbird Air believes safety is of utmost importance and is dedicated to ensuring that our employees and the traveling public see our corporate identity reflecting safety as a crucial element in all operations at all times.  NT Air embraces its responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment for our staff and clients.  All employees are personally responsible to perform their duties giving primary concern to the safety of our customers, their own safety, the safety of their fellow employees, and the property entrusted to their care. 

As a company we strive to have zero accidents and to eliminate dangerous situations using a multi-pronged approach to achieving real safety.  

First, NT Air delivers initial and recurrent training beyond the prescribed requirements developing both the "hard" and "soft" safety skills of our employees.  This training creates and maintains the foundations of an effective safety culture with all employees.  

NT Air encourages participation in non-punitive safety reporting by all employees and third parties.  All reports are immediately disseminated to the NT Air Management Safety Review Team including the Accountable Executive so that our documented processes can identify hazards, investigate, mitigate, and strive to prevent recurrence - all within a reasonable time frame.  This reporting framework is effective in maximizing employee quality and participation which are proven key elements in shaping the safety culture within our organization.   

The NT Air Safety Management System (SMS) has been established in order to formalize our processes, improve the flow of communications with regards to company health and safety issues and to promote a constructive and professional safety culture at Northern Thunderbird Air.  Our SMS names key personnel from all departments as part of the Management Safety Review Team that is immediately notified of all reports for review, participates in the reponse of reports, and conducts company-sanctioned quarterly meetings addressing current and forecast safety issues.  The system incorporates a safety database that tracks, archives, and produces reports that aid safety oversight from our Company, Regulators, and Auditors.  Finally, established deadlines and follow-ups ensure corrective actions are both properly disseminated to relevant personnel and are proving to be effective.  

NT Air welcomes all reports and scrutiny of our operation.  Beyond internal oversight, this includes an open door policy to external audits from our regulator Transport Canada and third parties alike. NT Air consistently undergoes multiple audits annually from a broad range of professionals. 

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Vancouver Base
5360 Airport Road South
Richmond, BC V7B 1B4
Toll Free:(866) 232-9211
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Prince George Head Office
#100 - 4245 Hangar Rd. 
Prince George, BC V2N 4M6
Toll Free:(800) 963-9611
Phone: (250) 963-9611
Fax: (250) 963-8422